Webinar - easyemployer payroll - Payroll Guru to MYOB AccountRight 20+

During this webinar we covered the following topics:

  • Configuring cost centres within easyemployer 
  • Configuring MYOB accounts within Payroll Guru 
  • Processing the pay run into Payroll Guru 
  • Processing payroll within Payroll Guru 
  • Cost centre reporting within Payroll Guru 
  • Downloading journal file for MYOB 
  • Importing journal file into MYOB.




Key benefits of using Payroll Guru in addition to easyemployer are:

  • True cost centre reporting
  • Automatic syncing of entitlement balances (Annual Leave and Personal/Carers Leave)
  • Seamless integration of employees, hourly rates, penalty rates, overtimes, loadings, leaves etc
  • Provide you with the ABA file to pay your staff by EFT via your online banking account
  • Automatically email pay slips to employees each week
  • Give you a ‘general ledge’ file to import into your account application (ie MYOB, Xero) for payroll totals each pay
  • Handle payments to multiple bank accounts for employees easily
  • Handle salary sacrificing superannuation for employees easily
  • Track and lodge tax to the ATO easily through EMPDUPE file
  • Track and manage payments for superannuation easily 


Further information on these topics can be found on our knowledge base here:


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