Payroll Guru employee information

What is Payroll Guru?

Payroll Guru is a cloud-based payroll system that is fully integrated with easyemployer.

This means that the details located within easyemployer, in the "My Account" page, is what is used for Payroll.


Updating your details

If you need to update any of your details, for example, your address or bank details, you would update this within easyemployer and it would automatically update Payroll Guru during the next pay run.

To update your details, please follow the guide located here (


Multiple bank accounts

If you need your net wages split into multiple bank accounts, you will need to put your primary bank account into easyemployer and notify your payroll team to setup your additional bank account separately.


Extra PAYG and Superannuation contributions

If you want to have extra PAYG deducted or contribute extra Superannuation you will need to contact your payroll team to set this up.



You will receive your payslips via email from Payroll Guru from the email address

The email address that your payslip will be sent to, is located within the easyemployer my account page, in the email field. If you would like to use a different email, please notify your payroll team as a different email can be designated your pay slip email.

If you do not receive your payslip, check your spam / junk folder.  If the payslip is in the spam / junk folder, make sure you mark it as not spam / junk.

If you have any queries regarding your payslip, you will need to contact your payroll team as the email address is not monitored.

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