Change the organisations business hours

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  • Change standard business hours

What does this feature do

Making an adjustment to business hours will allow users (employees) to submit availability changes for entire days and not just business hours.

Why is this important

Changing the hours will allow users to set more accurate availability. This is particularly important for organisations that operate 24/7.

How to change Business hours

1. Click on Organisation

2. Select Organisation

3. Click on Settings

4. Open Business hours 

5. Changes can be made by dragging the small rectangles

6. Dragging the rectangles to both ends will cause the time to display 0:00 - 0:00. This means that the business never closes.

7. Save any changes by clicking Submit

8. Doing so will change the availability submission screen to the following.

This screen allows users to set their availability for 24 hour per day over an appropriate roster period.





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