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This article contains the following topics:

  • What is the electronic calendar
  • Why use this function
  • Creating an electronic calendar link for clients

What is the electronic calendar

Electronic calendars are generally available through external email services (such as gmail or outlook). These calendars assist users to plan their days and schedule activities. Electronic calendars also allow users to add information from an external source (calendars of co-workers or friends).

Why use this function

Through the roster an external electronic calendar link can be created. This link can communicate important information to clients such as the time of their visit and the person that will be attending. This same link can also be used by family or friends of the client so they are also aware of when shifts take place. 

Creating an electronic calendar link for clients

1. Click on 'Rosters' in the navigation bar

2. Click 'Open a roster'

3. Select and open a roster period

4. Click the cog in the top right corner of the roster

5. Select the 'Export' option

6. the following popup will be displayed

7. Select the client that will receive this link. 

8. From the tick boxes listed select the information that should be sent to the client via this calendar link.

9. Click the 'Export' button to save 

10. A popup will be displayed that shows a link. This link needs to be copied and sent to the client so they can add it to their electronic calendar.


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