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  • How to create a clone of a timeclock

What is a timeclock clone

A timeclock clone is a copy of a timeclock that already exists in easyemployer. This feature allows users to create a copy of a timeclock instead of manually creating a new one.

Why is this important

This could be used to setup multiple iterations of the same timeclock. As timeclocks are locked to specific devices a new timeclock needs to be created for each device. 

How to create a clone of a timeclock 

1. To clone a time clock open the ‘Time clocks’ section of easyemployer.

2. The time clocks that have already been created will be displayed on this page. Hovering over any time clock will cause a cog to appear on the right of the screen.

3. Clicking the cog will display a series of options. The new option here is titled ‘Clone’.  Selecting ‘Clone’ will create a copy of the time clock that can be loaded on a different device.

4. The link for the new time clock will be displayed when the clock has been created. Copy and paste the link into the new device to use the new time clock.

5. The name of the timeclock will be the original name of the timeclock it has been cloned from with '(clone)' added to the end of the name.


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