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What is the new user notification

Every time a user is created in an easyemployer account someone will receive a notification about it. This is so the appropriate people are aware of new users in the account. 

Why is this important 

The new users need to be setup correctly otherwise they may not be able to clock shifts, be rostered or complete other activities in easyemployer.

Who receives the notification

Notifications of this type in easyemployer are controlled by permissions. Users with the permission to manage the user (Manager, Administrator or Owner) will receive the notification. This can be confusing as a user might receive communication for one user but not for another. This is due to the different ways a user can be setup and who has authority over specific roles in the organisation. Another thing to consider is the communication method that has been set for each user that manages the employee. If the email communication method has been disabled then that user will not get emails regarding the new user. 

Below are some examples of different setups and who should receive the communications. 

In this example a user is being created but no roles are being assigned before they are created (this is also the case when importing users through the payroll application)

When the user is created in the system any user that has manager permissions or higher at organisation level will receive a notification. 


In the example below a user has been created and has been assigned a role. The notification email for this user will be sent to the managers at group level. This means that users with a higher permission at organisation level will not receive an email regarding this employee.


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