Single Touch Payroll - Feb Update for clients using Payroll Guru


The ATO will soon be contacting everybody soon to give an update on Single Touch Payroll (STP) - which will be implemented for FY18/19. See more info about STP here.
Any organisations using Payroll Guru need to provide us with a key contact to communicate STP related updates and information to.
ACTION: please email your nominated Point of Contact (POC) to
- If we don't hear back from you and you are using Payroll Guru then one of our easyemployer support staff will be following up via phone to get these contact details.
Please also be aware that in the lead up to STP being implemented, we will be asking organisations using Payroll Guru to ensure certain info/details about their business and employees are correctly filled out in Payroll Guru/easyemployer.  Please ensure you action these requests when you see them come through as this will ensure everything is ready to go for STP go live. 
As a final note - all our clients using Payroll Guru can be assured that PG is on track to be ready to handle STP well before it goes live on 01 July 2018.
If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact our support team on
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