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This report is not active in all easyemployer accounts. If this report needs to be activated please ask your organisation owner to contact our support team, 


This article contains the following topics:

  • What is the site timesheet report
  • Why is this important
  • Requirements to access the site variance report
  • How to use the site timesheet report

What is the site timesheet report

The site timesheet report can be used to view the hour and costs breakdown for each shift in a site for a defined period.  

Why is this important

Scoping the data in this way will provide information on the length and cost of each shift that has been worked within the defined period. 

Requirements for the site timesheet report

  • The user needs to have the required permission, see permission and function guide here
  • The permission needs to be applied over the whole site.  Having area level permission only will not allow the report to be generated
  • Financials only accessible to users on permission sets that allow for financials, this is by default, Owner and Payroll Admin

How to use the site timesheet report

  1. Click reports in the navigation bar
  2. Select the site timesheet report
  3. Select the required scopes, metrics and report options
  4. Click Generate
  5. After clicking the 'Generate' button a pop-up box will appear. The sites that a user can view will be displayed and all the sites will be selected by default. Click 'Submit' after making a selection.
  6. The report will be displayed. The report will display the desired information.
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