Employee Guide | Adding Unit Allowances to Your Timesheet

1) What is a unit allowance & why is this important
2) How to add a unit allowance to a shift

  • Permissions control which users can add unit allowances into 'My timesheet' or 'Timesheet'.  By default, this is a user with owner or payroll admin permission.  See the permission and function guide here.   
  • If you would like other permission sets to be able to add unit allowances, your internal easyemployer organisation owner can contact support@easyemployer.com


1) What is a unit allowance & why is this important.

Allowances are elements of wages that are additional to normal wages. A unit allowance is similar to a regular allowance, although is paid on a per-unit basis.

An employee may be paid an allowance for a number of reasons. This will need to be added to an individual shift or numerous shifts to ensure the correct amount is paid. An example of this is an employee that receives and allowance for the number of kilometres that they drive using their own vehicle.


2) How to add a unit allowance to a shift.

Note: Unit allowances do not exist in all accounts. Not all users are entitled to an allowance. 

1. Log in to easyemployer and click 'Timesheets' in the navigation bar.

2. Select 'My Timesheet'.

3. Select a timesheet period.

4. The timesheet shifts will be displayed in the selected period.

5. Click on the shift that an allowance should be added to and click on the pencil icon (unit allowances).

6. A popup box will appear. Click on the 'Add unit allowance' text in the top right of the box. Multiple allowances can be added by clicking this button, but they must be added one at a time.

7. Another popup box will appear. The first section is asking which allowance should be added. If users have multiple allowances available, they should select the correct allowance from the drop down list (highlighted below).

8. The quantity should be set. Consult your manager if you are unsure of what this value should be. 

9. A comment can also be added to this allowance (clarify with your employer as additional justification may be required for an allowance).

10. Click the 'Save' button to add this allowance to the list on the 'Actual shift unit allowances' popup box.

11. Once the allowance or allowances appear on this list click 'Save' to submit.

12. If an allowance has been added to a shift the letter 'A' will be displayed in a green bubble indicator.


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