2018-09-02: Issue with shift breaks

Between the times of Monday 27th of August 3.30am AEST and Sunday 2nd of September 9.30pm AEST there was a bug active in the "timesheet - shift breaks" component of easyemployer.  This has affected some breaks for shifts that were worked during the bug active period.
We understand that this has caused issues for some of our clients and we apologise for this.
Once we became aware of the bug (Sunday 02 September 6.00pm AEST) we took all steps possible to identify the cause and take remedial action urgently. The cause of the issue was resolved and all attempts were made to restore shift break data wherever possible.
The majority of shift break data was restored - however, there may be issues with some clients whereby shift break data has not been able to be restored.
  • A deploy of new easyemployer features & functions introduced a bug into the "timesheet - shift breaks" component of easyemployer.
  • The bug has affected some shift break data for some of our clients - items affected and clients affected sections below goes into more detail about affected items.
  • Some breaks (paid, unpaid, meal etc) that were clocked, entered or auto-generated for shifts worked, were affected. 
The majority of shift break data was able to be restored - however, there may be issues with some clients whereby shift break data has not been able to be restored.
  • Clients that have staff that worked shifts with breaks during the bug active period may notice that:

    (a) some breaks have not been logged against shifts
    - the clocked or auto-generated break/s do not appear on the shift in the timesheet.
    - in these instances, we are unable to remediate the data to reinstate these breaks. Staff will need to be consulted to confirm the breaks they took for these shifts.

    (b) some users have multiple breaks logged against their shifts. 
    - users may have inherited breaks that are not theirs.
    - in these instances we will give clients a list of users where multiple breaks exist in a manner by which is unusual. These users will need to be looked at in the timesheet and any incorrect breaks deleted from their timesheet. If there are too many duplicate breaks then clients should delete the shift and re-create it.
    - NOTE: we cannot confirm this will capture all users where there are issues, just the ones where it's determined that the likelihood of an issue is high.
  • Clients should request that employees double check all of the shifts that they worked during the bug active period i.e. checking that their break/s have appeared on each shift - and alert if multiple breaks are recorded against any of their shifts.
    - an announcement / to do list item has been posted in easyemployer asking employees to check their shifts.

  • Any clients sent lists of users with multiple breaks - need to check these users in the timesheet and delete any breaks not meant to be logged against that staff member. If easier the entire shift can be deleted and re-created.

  • We have very strict testing procedures in place for all releases, however, at times there will be issues that are not able to be foreseen - or found through testing. 
  • We have put additional processes in place as a result of this particular instance to minimise the chance of it re-occurring.  



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