2018-09-19 12.05PM AEST - easyemployer is down

easyemployer went down at 12.05pm. We are currently working on this issue.

UPDATE: 12.20pm AEST: easyemployer is now up again in the majority of cases. Users may experience some cases of slowness or unresponsiveness on certain actions taken.

UPDATE: 12.35m AEST: easyemployer is back up online.




At 12.05pm a part of easyemployer became non-responsive and it affected the usability putting the system into maintenance mode.

Developers were alerted immediately and began work to resolve the issue.  easyemployer was back online within 15mins for the majority of users. easyemployer was fully online within 30mins for all users.

Added contingencies/steps have been put in place to avoid this scenario taking place again.

We are continually working to provide the most reliable software service possible to our clients. easyemployer continues to maintain over 99.9% up time (statistics garnered for the past six months) - which exceeds reasonable industry standards for software related products. 




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