User cannot log in / Change organisation

This article contains the following information:

  • User cannot log in to easyemployer
  • User can log in but the organisation is incorrect
  • How to set a default organisation 
  • User cannot remember the email address they used to sign-up

Why can't users log in

There could be a few reasons why users cannot log in. These include;

  • Incorrect password
  • Incorrect email address
  • Accessing the wrong organisation (if the user has access to multiple organisations)
  • Access to the account has not been granted
  • The user has not completed the setup process

How to resolve this issue

The first step that needs to be completed is checking that the user has online access (directions for checking this can be found below). Additional checks need to be preformed to discover where the issue exists and the action that needs to be taken.

User cannot log in to easyemployer

There are a few checks that need to be performed to discover why this issue has occurred. It is important to ensure the employee has been granted online access. If online access has been granted, easyemployer will display a tick in a box. If the employee has not been granted access a message will be displayed in brackets.

If the user has been granted online access it does not mean that they have the ability to login. The user may still need to complete the account setup. The text in the brackets will change to reflect this. 

When the user has completed the account setup process the brackets will disappear and a tick will appear in a box. 


Incorrect organisation or Changing between organisations 

If the user has access to multiple organisations they will have the ability to switch between organisations. This can be completed on their home screen by clicking the 'Change organisation' tab. 

Users need to select the organisation that they want to access from the list that appears.


How to set an organisation as the default

If users have access to multiple organisations, a default organisation needs to be selected. To change the default organisation click on 'My profile' in the navigation bar.  

Click on the 'Preferences' tab.

Click 'edit' on the 'Preferred organisation' section. This will allow users to set the default organisation that will be displayed when the user logs in. 


User cannot remember the email address they used to sign-up

Users may forget their login email. Managers in easyemployer do not have visibility or edit authority over a users login email. This can be reset to their communication email (set in the profile page for each user) by removing the users online access. 

This can be resolved by opening the users profile and clicking on 'Settings'.


Disable online access (the tick needs to be removed from the box).

Re-enable online access.

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