2018-12-20: 1.00pm AEDT - easyemployer emergency planned outage (RESOLVED)

easyemployer is experiencing some issues around timesheet shift generation. To resolve this we need to pull easyemployer down for ~30 minutes to apply a fix. This cannot be avoided and is serious enough to warrant a small window of downtime during business hours.

- - - - 

UPDATE: down time will occur at 1.00PM AEDT

UPDATE: down time has now commenced as of 1.10pm AEDT

UPDATE: outage time has been slightly extended. easyemployer is now expected to be down until ~2.00pm AEDT.

UPDATE: easyemployer is back online as of 1.50pm AEDT.


If you have any further questions regarding this unscheduled maintenance period; please contact our support team at support@easyemployer.com 

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