15-01-2019 - Issue with pins and fingerprints in easyemployer timeclocks (RESOLVED)

Please be advised that it has come to our attention that pins and fingerprints logged in easyemployer timeclocks have disappeared from easyemployer for some clients.

We applied a security patch last night that may have interfered with the retaining of this data.

We have our developers working on this issue.

We are hoping to restore the data.

If we are unable to restore data (we will advise) then fingerprints and pins will need to be re-entered by the client.

Guides for doing the above can be found here:

- re-setting a pin as an employee (if the employee has online access): Employee - setting a pin code

- re-setting a pin as a manager (if the employee does not have online access): same as the above, but through the users main profile (organisation -> users -> click the user -> pin code field)

- re-enrolling a fingerprint: Time clock - enrolling and re-enrolling a user's fingerprint

Updates for this issue will be posted in this article


Many thanks for your patience whilst we work through this issue.

- - - - - - - - 

UPDATE: 15JAN19 0600PM AEDT: We are still working on this issue - and restoration of the data.

UPDATE: 16JAN19 1000 AEDT: The developers have salvaged the data and are now checking that the restoration will not adversely affect any other parts of the timeclock - or easyemployer. 

UPDATE: 16JAN19 1140 AEDT: Developers are restoring data now. Process is expected to take an hour.

UPDATE: 16JAN19 1220 AEDT: Data has been restored. 

For the data to be pulled down into your timeclock please do the following:

- for All In One Kiosks - turn the kiosk on and off again - it's a "soft" power down i.e. not a full shut down. You need to do a 3 sec push down of the power button. DO NOT HOLD THE POWER BUTTON DOWN FOR LONGER THAN A COUPLE SECONDS.

- for other timeclocks please shut down and reopen the timeclock.



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