Leave calculation / Leave shift length troubleshooting

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  • Troubleshooting leave hours calculation / leave shift length

What is this issue

When submitting or approving a leave request the estimated hours may display as 0 hours. 

This could occur if the leave request is set to a day the user would not typically work. If it is a day the user would normally work then the issue resides with the 'Standard daily hours'. This issue is an indication that the 'Standard daily hours' have either been incorrectly allocated or not set.

Resolving this issue

Not all users will be able to resolve this issue on their own and this may need to be escalated to the appropriate person within the organisation. Standard daily hours will need to be adjusted before the leave request is submitted to ensure the values automatically generate (or this can be manually edited in the timesheet).  

To adjust the 'Standard daily hours' please consult the guide located HERE.

0 hours on the timesheet

Users may also experience a similar issue when leave is generated on the same day that a user works. In the example below, the user has worked their normal hours and a leave request was submitted. In this case the leave shift has generated 0 hours as the standard hours have been fulfilled by the worked shift. 


Another way this could manifest is if the user worked part of the day and then requested leave fore the remainder of the day. In that case the leave shift would display the remaining standard hours value (if standard hours = 7.6 and the worked shift was 4 hours then the leave shift would generate for 3.6 hours).  


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