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What is configuration services

Configuration services is a request to modify the existing configuration of the easyemployer account for a client. This is an additional paid service, and a quote will be provided to the requester.


Why would configuration services need to be requested

Configuration services is a request to make a change to the existing easyemployer account.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all configuration service requests will be accepted through to quotation, as they may be outside the bounds of what easyemployer is intended to do and/or may detrimentally affect the core functionality of easyemployer. Custom service requests will pass through a vetting process to ensure they meet this criterion.


What is the process for requesting configuration services

Configuration services as a result of a request: 

  1. A support ticket will need to be created to lodge the request for configuration services and to monitor the progress of the request. This can be raised by using the support form
  1. An easyemployer team member will make contact and confirm the high-level requirements of the request, discuss the urgency of the request and discuss the organisations budget for this request. 
  1. A $660 + GST non-refundable application fee will then be invoiced and payment is required before costing of the work and quote is provided.  This fee will then be deducted from the quote if the quote is accepted.
  1. These requirements will be relayed to the configuration services team who will cost the work, provide a quote and a configuration timeline. If the configuration request looks as though it may be complex or the configuration consultants team requires more information they may contact the client directly. 
  1. If the quote is accepted an invoice will be raised and sent to the client. Invoices need to be paid in full prior to work commencing on configuration builds. 
  1. Updates will be provided using the initial support ticket raised. Requesting updates using the support ticket is important as it ensures that the request is sent to the correct people within easyemployer.


Internal process and procedure documentation will need to be done by the client and easyemployer is not liable to produce any documentation on behalf of the client.

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