MYOB ARL - Workaround solution if MYOB ARL is not working

The following guide contains the following topics:

  • Instructions on a workaround solution if the MYOB ARL and easyemployer API is down or not functioning correctly
  • It involves changing the payroll entity payroll application in easyemployer and importing into MYOB via a flat file


** Here is a workaround using a Flat File import into MYOB **

If there are any errors on the MYOB side after importing the data file that you cannot resolve, this needs to go to MYOB support. 

Limitations (this is part of our advanced MYOB integration that is not supported by flat file)

  • employee rates will not be sent to MYOB
  • employee wage categories will not be checked and enabled if required on employee CARDS in MYOB
  • employee 'Base Hourly' or default code standard pay will not be forced to 0
  • new employee CARDS will not be created
  • detects timesheet entries to reduce the likelihood of duplication when easyemployer exports timesheet entries to MYOB timesheet
  • when the timesheet entries are imported into MYOB they are not broken down by day, each week total is summed and added to the first day of the timesheet in MYOB
  • sometimes MYOB can fail importing, so it is recommended to back up first
  • if the import fails and you import again, the flat file import will duplicate any entries already in MYOB timesheets (unless you restore the back up first)


  • employees require a CARD ID in MYOB and this has to set as their Export Code in easyemployer (hopefully, this is already the case if they already have CARD IDs they will already be imported into easyemployer when the user import is done via API) 
  •  if the CARD IDs are not set up in MYOB they will need to be added to MYOB and also added as the export code in easyemployer, an example format is first 4 letters of surname, first 2 of first name, e.g. NIKOKR for Nikolaidis, Kristian or a number sequence (do not start with a 0) e.g. 100001


** only if you are happy with the above limitations **

  1. Ensure you are not exporting to MYOB
  2. In easyemployer, click organisation
  3. Click organisation structure
  4. Click the payroll entity 
  5. Click settings
  6. Edit the payroll application and change to "MYOB AccountRight Premier V20+" and save
  7. Open the payroll report again and unfinalise and there should be warnings about users not having an export code (if they have not been entered)
  8. You will see the "Export Code" under each user profile, this should match the employee CARD ID in MYOB
  9. Scan through each employee and make sure their CARD IDs are set
  10.  If the CARD ID is missing, open the user profile in easyemployer, click payroll and enter their CARD ID exactly as it is in MYOB as their export code
  11. Once all employee CARDS are confirmed, finalise the payroll report and "Export for payroll processing" - this will download a data file to your computer
  12.  Follow the guide here to import into MYOB - if there are errors importing this will be shown in a MYOB log file and you will need to ensure you are checking and resolving these errors.  If you are unsure how to resolve you will need to speak to MYOB support.
  13.  Process as normal
  14. Once you are done, switch the payroll entity payroll application to MYOB ARL in easyemployer
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