MYOB ARL - Workaround solution if MYOB ARL is not working

The following guide contains the following topics:

  • Instructions on how a workaround solution if the MYOB ARL and easyemployer API is down or not functioning correctly
  • It involves changing the payroll entity on easyemployer and enabling Timesheets functionality in MYOB


1.0 Workaround solution Instructions:

  1. Change Payroll Entity Application to MYOB 20+ AccountRight Plus V20+
    (instructions below in 2.0)
  2. Enable Timesheet functionality in MYOB 20+ AccountRight Plus 20+
    (instructions below in 3.0)
  3. Re-export Payroll report (after making changed to Payroll Entity application); this will trigger a .txt file to download on your computer. 
  4. Upload .txt file to MYOB by using Import/export assistant
    (instructions below in 4.0)


2.0 Changing Payroll Entity Application guide:


3.0 Enabling Timesheet functionality in MYOB

  1. Open MYOB
  2. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
  3. In the System tab, select the I Use Timesheets for [...] and My Week Starts on [...] preference.
  4. If you want to use timesheets to record:
    1. activity slips as well as payroll information, select Time Billing and Payroll from the I Use Timesheets for [...] list.
    2. payroll information only, select Payroll from the I Use Timesheets for [...] list.
  5. Select the first day of your timesheet period from the My Week Starts on [...] list, enter the first day of your timesheet period. Note that if you just use timesheets for payroll and your pay period starts on a different day each period, for example, you pay monthly, you can select any day.
  6. Click OK.


4.0 Importing .txt file into MYOB using timesheets






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