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1) Overview
2) Create a new employment types



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1) Overview

Employment types in EE (Easy Employer) refer to the type of contract that may be assigned to an employee. Employment types generally consist of full time, part time and casual. A new employment type may need to be created as some organisations may need to add new employment types that are different to the standard full time, part time or casual.


2) Create a new employment types

  1. Open the award in EE.
  2. Locate Employment types and click the Add button located on the top right hand corner of this section.
  3. A popup box will appear.
  4. Fill in the fields as required by the new employment type.
  5. Click Create to finish.
  6. Employment types can be edited by clicking the three dot icon and then selecting Edit.
  7. Clicking the edit button will cause the previous popup to appear.
    Changes can be made to this dialog.
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