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1) The new roster (beta)
2) Accessing the new roster (beta)
3) Current features 
4) Known issues
5) Resolved issues
6) Upcoming features
7) Removed functionality (when compared to current roster)



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NOTE: The new roster (beta) is not enabled by default, your internal Easy Employer organisation owner can contact to have it enabled.


1) The new roster (beta)

The new roster (beta) is our new roster built in the latest web technologies. These technologies have been chosen to allow the roster to load quickly by only loading the data that is required and subsequent data will be loaded as required when you make changes within the interface.


2) Accessing the new roster (beta) 

  1. Click rosters 
  2. Click New roster (beta)

If this link does not show

  1. Log out of easyemployer, log back in and try again
  2. Perform a hard refresh on the rosters page, ctrl + F5
  3. Notify your organisations easyemployer system administrator.


3) Current features 

** The new roster (beta) is currently view only.  See upcoming features below for estimated release dates for functionality, e.g. shift management.** 

 Item  Release date
View only 2019-08-01
Fortnight view for fortnight roster period 2019-08-01
Custom entity views  2019-08-01
Shifts in other groups (shifts in other  groups that the user may not have  access to show as greyed out shifts) 2019-08-01
Weekly view for fortnightly roster 2019-09-04
Leave shift display 2019-09-20
Live updates   2019-09-24
Roster sidebar for additional information  2019-10-09
Within sidebar - Site selection 2019-10-09
Within sidebar - Shift auto-assigning  2019-10-09
Within sidebar - Appointment/Session auto-linking    2019-10-09
Within sidebar - shift auto assigning 2019-10-09
Partially linked appointment/session bucket in display 2019-10-09
Appointment/session context menu 2019-10-09
Appointment/session management 2019-10-09
Manage shift dialog  2019-11-01
Appointment/Session view 2019-12-20
Roster shift publishing 2020-05-20
Save default site selection 2020-05-20
Appointment/session link on shift 2020-05-20
Display toggles in sidebar 2020-05-20
Save display toggles in sidebar 2020-05-22
Shift template functionality 2020-05-22


4) Known issues

 Item Fix date
Leave display for leave types that do not create leave shifts (e.g. RDO) TBC


5) Resolved issues

 Item Fix date
Display jumpiness and flashing in user, role and custom entity views 2019-10-31
Shifts in other groups (shifts in other groups that the user does not have permission over are not showing) 2019-09-12
Date does not include the day 2020-05-20
Searching has no loading indication 2020-05-20
Switching to custom entity view is slow 2020-05-20
No loading indication when opening the roster or switching 2020-05-20


6) Upcoming features

** Estimated release dates and upcoming features are subject to change**

 Item  Estimated release date
Role filtering TBC
Preset functionality TBC
Day view TBC
Roster shift indications (e.g. opened, accepted) TBC
Roster shift display for shifts outside the roster period (over midnight before and after period) TBC
Many more features  N/A


7) Removed functionality (when compared to current roster)

 Item Detail
Rostered in another group colour This is handled with greyed out shifts instead of a colour
Organisation structure scoping This is handled with the upcoming site selection and role filtering features
Chose sites dialog when opening the roster The chose sites dialog when opening the roster will be replaced by a quick way to chose sites once in the roster
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