Roster - standard hours display

** This feature is not enabled by default. Your internal easyemployer organisation owner can contact to have this enabled.**

This guide contains the following information:

  • What is the roster standard hours display feature
  • Why is this important
  • Setting the display within the roster
  • Setting the 0% suitable rule for standard hours breaches 

What is the roster standard hours display feature

The standard hours display within the roster allows those with the permission to manage rosters (permissions include: manager, administrator or owner) to see the contracted hours of users. The standard hours display will also reveal if a users roster and leave hours fulfil the standard weekly or fortnightly hours for the user. 

In the image below, the standard hours are shown on the right in the total column. This column will appear in either week or fortnight views on the roster. When using the fortnight view a grand total will also be displayed.  


This information is also available in the suitability ranker when managing or creating a roster shift. In the following image this is displayed under the 'Std hrs' column.


A rule can be enabled to make a user 0% suitable if they are going over their contracted hours (default Yes):


Why is this important

Some award or agreements will enforce that the user needs to be paid for their standard or contracted hours independent of the hours in the roster or timesheet. 

This feature will bring to the roster managers attention that the standard hours have not been reached  

Setting the display within the roster

Once the module is enabled by the easyemployer support team, (a request must be made by your internal easyemployer organisation owner) the display settings need to be enabled:

  1. Click Organisation
  2. Click Organisation
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Roster settings

Enable the 'Standard hours' display in the settings and also shift assignment info columns to display 


Setting the 0% suitable rule for standard hours breaches

The rule can be set at the organisation level or the user level.  This rule is set to Yes by default.

 See the roster rules guide here


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