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Processing the pay run

The pay run is processed from the Easy Employer payroll report into Payroll Guru. The flowchart above explains what data is transferred between both systems.

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Processing ad-hoc pay runs (e.g. an adjustment)

You may need to process an ad-hoc pay run directly in Payroll Guru. An example of this is when an employee is underpaid due to a timesheet error.

We recommend fixing the data within the Easy Employer timesheet first (through the payroll report). This will then give you the new interpretation (gross wages) which then can be processed directly in Payroll Guru (you cannot export the pay run again as this will send over the whole pay run, not just the adjusted amount).

NOTE: when processing an ad-hoc pay run, it is very important that the correct process date and period ending is selected.

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Multiple bank accounts and net wages disbursements

Easy Employer will store the primary bank account for the user and 100% of net wages will be paid into this. If the user would like to split wages against multiple bank accounts, the additional bank account will need to be created directly in Payroll Guru and a net wages disbursements configured.

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Easy Employer will store the super fund, USI number and account number for each user. If you are going to generate a SuperStream file to upload to your clearinghouse, the USI number needs to be set within Easy Employer.

If the user would like to contribute an additional post tax amount to superannuation or salary sacrifice superannuation, this needs to be set directly in Payroll Guru.

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Completing a termination payout

Termination payouts are completed directly in Payroll Guru (hours should not be added directly into Easy Employer).

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The category cost report

Category cost report displays each employee and what categories have been used to make up their gross wages.

It allows you to group by employee (to see employee totals), cost centre (to see totals by cost centre) and by cost centre and employee

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Payroll report

The payroll report shows gross wages, PAYG and superannuation which then can be grouped by employee or cost centre.

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Superannuation liability report

This report should be used to obtain the required superannuation payments to be processed. This report allows you to generate the SuperStream file which some clearinghouses accept.

You can then notify employees that a payment has been logged

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PAYG instalment activity

This report should be used to complete your Instalment Activity Statement.

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Other guides

Our help centre has guides on all topics relating to Payroll Guru. Please review all the guides to familiarise yourself with what Payroll Guru can do.

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Employee information

The following information can be provided to employees to explain what Payroll Guru is and the relationship with Easy Employer.

Guide located here - you can use this guide to copy and paste the information into your internal documentation or provide to employees using a direct link.

What is Payroll Guru?

Payroll Guru is a cloud based payroll system that is fully integrated with Easy Employer.

This means that the details located within Easy Employer, in the "My Account" page, is what is used for Payroll.

Updating your details

If you need to update any of your details, for example, your address or bank details, you would update this within Easy Employer and it would automatically update Payroll Guru during the next pay run.

To update your details, please follow the guide located here

Multiple bank accounts

If you need your net wages split into multiple bank accounts, you will need to put your primary bank account into Easy Employer and notify your payroll team to setup your additional bank account separately.

Extra PAYG and Superannuation contributions

If you want to have extra PAYG deducted or contribute extra Superannuation you will need to contact your payroll team to set this up.


You will receive your payslips via email from Payroll Guru from the email address

The email address that your payslip will be sent to, is located within the Easy Employer my account page, in the email field. If you would like to use a different email, please notify your payroll team as a different email can be designated your pay slip email.

If you do not receive your payslip, check your spam/junk folder. If the payslip is in the spam/junk folder, make sure you mark it as not spam/junk.

If you have any queries regarding your payslip, you will need to contact your payroll team as the email address is not monitored.

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