13Dec2019: SMS Gateway provider - degraded performance (RESOLVED)

The SMS gateway provider that easyemployer uses to send and receive SMS messages is having some issues with their servers. They are experiencing sporadic load issues which they are actively monitoring.

This issue is causing some delays in the sending and receipt of SMS messages to and from easyemployer for some clients. These messages are delayed - so they will be sent out once the load on the server lowers.

We are communicating with the provider to ensure they are doing everything they can to resolve the issue.

Please contact support@easyemployer.com if you require assistance.

- - - UPDATES - - -

12 December - 11.08AM: Provider still experiencing degraded performance.

13 December - 9.26AM: Provider still experiencing degraded performance. Given the issue is on-going we are working on some actions on our end to attempt to circumvent issues with the provider.



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