Childcare | Compliance Dashboard (Ratio Calculator)

1) Overview
2) How to use the compliance dashboard

i) Configure the dashboard settings
ii) Configure Sites
iii) Configure Areas
iv) Clocking
v) Viewing the dashboard



Org Structure | Introduction


1) Overview

The compliance dashboard is a ratio calculator that functions as a live report. The intent of this feature is to provide organisations with information regarding educators working directly with children and educators who are not in direct contact with children. By using the compliance dashboard, services will be able to see if they are meeting the centre-based ratio requirements.

Compliance is important when working with children. Ensuring that adequate supervision is maintained at all times and allowing providers flexibility to respond to children's needs.


NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default and requires an integration with a third party application. To enable this feature please contact our support team on 1300 855 642.


2) How to use the compliance dashboard

i) Configure the dashboard settings

The compliance dashboard requires some initial configuration to function correctly. This configuration consists of:

  • Setting up the compliance rules (accessed by clicking Organisation>Compliance settings).
  • Setting the compliance rules on a site in the organisation structure (found in Site>Settings).
  • Setting an integration ID on the site (found in Site>Integrations).
  • Setting an integration ID on the area that are contact areas (found in Area>Integrations).
  • Designating areas as contact areas (found in Area>Settings).


ii) Configure Sites

There are two things to configure at site level. The compliance ruleset and the integration mapping.

  • Click Organisation structure.
  • Select the site.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Select a "Compliance ruleset" (This will need to be configured previously).
  • Click the integrations tab.
  • Set mapping for the selected CCMS Integration (e.g. site name).

Setting a compliance ruleset on a site will determine if the site is displayed on the compliance dashboard. Sites that do not have a compliance ruleset selected will not be displayed. The mapping field in the integrations tab is required to form a link between an Easy Employer site and an external system equivalent (e.g. service in KidSoft).


iii) Configure Areas

  • Open the Organisation structure
  • Select the area/s under a site that has a configured ruleset
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Set the area as a "Contact area" (If required)
  • Click the integrations tab
  • Set mapping to the external application (If required)


Areas designated as a "Contact area" will have direct contact with children. This is not required for all areas in an organisation. Contact areas will display child attendances and calculated ratios on the compliance dashboard.


iv) Clocking

When clocking shifts users will see an additional option is available once a shift starts titled 'Choose area'. These areas are part of the organisation structure and can be designated to appear on the compliance dashboard. Users need to select their area of work (this can be changed at any time on the timeclock without ending the shift). Users that are clocked into an area will appear in the statistics on the compliance dashboard.


v) Viewing the dashboard

The dashboard needs to be linked with an external childcare program, at this stage the only integration that has been built for this feature is with Kidsoft. The number of children in attendance in each room/location will be displayed on the dashboard based on the data sent from the external childcare program. The number of users clocked on in these areas will also be displayed in its own column.

When viewing the compliance dashboard the 'status' column will apply the rules that have been set and provide users with a live indication of whether ratios are being met. One of three statuses will be displayed in this column:

  • At capacity - The room is currently meeting requirements.
  • Over staffed +X - The room has more employees than required. The 'X' value displayed represents the number of surplus staff clocked on in that area
  • Under staffed -X - The room does not have enough employees to meet the required ratio. The 'X' value displayed represents the number of additional employees required in that area to make it compliant.
  • In ratio - The correct number of staff are signed in to the area.

Compliance dashboard ‘Current’ view


Compliance dashboard ‘Day’ view


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