Paid v Clocked Break Issue in easyemployer

Please be aware there have been some issues with clocked breaks having a paid duration shorter than the clocked duration resulting in potential underpayments.


Clients who use paid breaks AND who processed a payrun between the 2nd & 7th of Dec (or planning on using timesheets to process a payrun before midday 08th of Dec).


Issue: There is currently an issue in easyemployer where clocked breaks have a paid duration which is much shorter than the clocked duration, which may cause underpayments if processed through payroll. These short "paid durations" are visible on the timesheet when viewing a shift and looking at the breaks section of the dialog that appears.

Analysis: This issue was caused by recent changes to the way easyemployer calculates the paid duration of combined breaks, which introduced a bug.

Workaround: Clients needing to process a payrun before the fix is implemented - at midday on the 8th of December - can remove the paid breaks from their accepted shifts and process the payruns.

Solution: The easyemployer team has implemented a fix which is currently in testing and is intended to be released on 08 December. 

Please contact support if you believe you have been affected - as we will make it our priority to assist you to remedy the issue.

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