The new roster interface


**see demonstration below for video**


The benefits of the new roster interface

The new roster interface is a complete rebuild - utilising the latest technologies. We have kept functionality similar to the old interface but it is superior in the following ways:

  • Has live updates - changes made to the roster are automatically updated for everyone who has the roster open
  • Repeating shifts - allows shifts to be repeated across days, weeks, months (just like a calendar application)
  • Shift level publishing - you can choose what to publish - a single day of shifts, a user, a week, a fortnight, just assigned shifts, all shifts - the choice is yours
  • Loads quickly - dramatically faster than the old interface - when we say fast, we mean fast.
  • Warning system - a visual indication of users and/or shifts that have breached set rules, along with the ability to block publishing of those users if specific warnings are in place

Key changes

  • Drag and drop has been removed - this has been replaced with the repeat shift functionality
  • Group scoping down to areas and roles has been removed - you can scope down to a site, then use role view and search to filter down to just specific areas and/or roles 


Does it change for employees?

  • This change is only for the management interface, the employee "My Roster" has not changed 
  • We will be building a new "My Roster" for employees with enhanced functionality in the future. 


What version am I running?

The easiest way to determine if you are already on the new version of the roster is to click the "open current roster" link on the home page. If you receive a "Choose sites for roster" dialog, you are on the old version. If it takes you directly into the roster without a dialog showing, you are on the new roster.


Also, the rosters look different:

Old roster


New roster




We have recorded a demonstration of the new interface that explains the differences between the interfaces. This is located through the following link:  Easy Employer - new roster interface


What you need to do

An organisation owner will need to get in contact with us to discuss enabling the new roster interface. If you are not an organisation owner, please raise this internally to your organisation owner. Then they will need to send a email to



My name is {NAME}, I work for {ORGANISATION} and I am an organisation owner.

We would like to move to the new roster interface.


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