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When purchasing an Easy Employer kiosk, a support plan is included. Depending on which unit was purchased, the support plan term differs as warranty periods can differ per device. Please refer to your kiosk order form if you are unsure of your support plan duration. 


What is included in the kiosk support plan

We have remote access to the kiosk to be able to provide support remotely in the event of an issue with the kiosk or the time clock application. Any issues that have been caused by user error or if there is damage to the kiosk, either physical or software related, is billed at $160 + GST per hour (billed in hour increments)

The device is covered under the manufacturer's warranty for the length of the support plan. Warranty is automatically void if there is any physical damage (including damage in shipping).


Clients responsibilities 

  • Local network troubleshooting - if the device does not have internet, your internal IT team needs to advise on troubleshooting instructions as they are best to advise as they know your network configuration and devices at the site. 
  • Installation of the hardware on a suitable wall if the unit is being wall mounted
  • Provisioning of suitable hard wired network connection that is compliant with the networking requirements.
  • If the unit is being sent back to Easy Employer for whatever reason, the safe packaging of the unit - we recommend that you keep the original box and packaging that the unit was originally received in. 
  • Ensuring the scanner is kept clean as per the manufacturers cleaning documentation.

All in one kiosk requirements

  • An All in One Kiosk requires the networking configuration / environment detailed here in order to function correctly.

Fingerprint scanner

  • The fingerprint scanning module needs to be maintained and cleaned adequately / frequently and users must ensure they are scanning using clean fingers that are free from debris or chemicals that might scratch and/or fog the lense.
  • Foggy lenses and / or scratched lenses are not considered as the result of "reasonable" use and therefore do not fall under the manufacturer's warranty.

Remote monitoring

During support hours, we will notify your primary contact if the kiosk has been offline for more than 3 hours.


Assessment of faulty hardware

If the device needs to be returned for assessment, the postage cost of returning the unit (and any costs to package the unit correctly) are the responsibility of the client (not Easy Employer).

If the fault is not covered under warranty, the assessment is billed at $160 + GST per hour (billed in hour increments) and if the unit can be repaired, the cost is the responsibility of the client (not Easy Employer).


What happens after the support plan ends

We will stop monitoring the kiosk but the remote application will remain installed, unless you decide to re-image the device with your own software. The support of the kiosk ends, along with any warranty claims. 

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