Accessing your Sandbox account

This article relates to how to access your sandbox account in easyemployer.

 To access your sandbox account, simply navigate to and use your normal login details to access. The sandbox is a copy of your real account, therefore to access sandbox you must have online access enabled on your live account.


  • You need to navigate to i.e. you must include the "https://" at the start of the URL.
  • Access is only available for clients based in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The sandbox environment should only be used to test easyemployer web application functionality. That is functionality directly in the easyemployer web application, not functionality from an external system or the easyemployer mobile app. 
  • The data in the sandbox is a destructive copy of your live data. Data is copied periodically every night. This means that sandbox is a replica of your live data; there is no merging of the data, it is a destructive copy. Therefore we do not recommend practising creating data that is intended to be used in the live account. There is no option to copy from sandbox to live, and overnight the data created in sandbox will be overwritten.
  • There is a 48-hour delay of data in this account as it is copied overnight. For example, if you allow online access for USER 1 on Monday, they will not be able to login to the sandbox account until Wednesday. 
  • As this server is non-persistent, the configuration is not preserved across days, it is not possible to use this server for any API integrations.  If you require a testing server that is integrated with an external product via API, please email  
  • Server availability is not guaranteed.  
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