HR3 - importing a pay run into HR3

This article includes the following topics:

  • Completing a pay run within easyemployer
  • Payrun standard import
  • How to import a pay run into HR3

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Completing a pay run within easyemployer

To complete the pay run within easyemployer, follow the Exporting a payroll processing file guide

Payrun standard import

This allows you to import timesheet data from a formatted text file. Any employees included in the 
selected file will be added into the payrun with the imported timesheet details. 

How to import a pay run into HR3

1. Open the Pay run Wizard

2. In Step 3 of the Pay run Wizard click the Execute button next to Payrun Standard Import.


3. Click the Browse buttonScreen_Shot_2013-05-03_at_10.23.03_PM.png to search for the file that you wish to import. Once you have located
the file click OPEN.  The file name will be displayed

4. Click EXECUTE -> The data will be imported. The progress is displayed in the lower half of the screen. If an error occurs, it will be displayed here. 

5. When completed, click EXPORT to save a log of the process, or CLOSE to return to the Payrun

6. Click CLOSE.

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