Attache - exporting users from Attache and importing into easyemployer

This article includes the following topics:
  • Exporting user details out of Attache
  • Importing users into easyemployer

Exporting user details out of Attache

1. Click Reports

2. Expand Payroll

3. Expand Employee Details/Labels

4. Click Employee Masterfile Details

5. Ensure the following options are ticked:

  • Include Active Employees
  • all 'Print' options (down the right hand side)

6. Ensure the following options are not ticked:

  • Print Terminated Employees
  • Print Short List
  • Include Inactive Employees
  • new page for each employee


7. Save your options for next time by clicking Save

8. Click Print

9. Click the Save icon (or press F5)

10. Under Save as type, select Tab delimited files


11. Click Save to save the file in the specified location

12. This file is now ready to be imported into easyemployer by following the Importing users in easyemployer guide below.


Importing users into easyemployer

Once the user file has been obtained from Attache, follow the Importing users via export file guide


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