Preceda - importing a pay run into Preceda

 This article includes the following topics:

  • Completing a pay run within easyemployer
  • How to import a pay run into Preceda

Completing a pay run within easyemployer

To complete the pay run within easyemployer, follow the Exporting a payroll processing file guide

How to import a pay run into Preceda

  1. Run up Preceda, if required change to correct customer environment

<Payroll> < Data Entry> <Change Payrun Environment>


  1. Enter Header data (see screenshot below)

Update the pay run header information for the pay run that is being imported

<Payroll> <Data Entry> <Payrun Header>

NOTE: Auto Pay is typically set as No so Preceda uses the PAY34T payroll data.


  1. Import the Pay34T

<Payroll> <T&A Interface>

<T/A Import> Browse – select PAY34T file that is generated from easyemployer

Click Run Process -> Interactive


<T&A Edit> Run Process <OK>


  1. Check the Console to see file has imported correctly

<Tools> <Console> <Spoolfiles> double click on the PAY34PRT file and check there is data in the file and there are no errors



  1. Merge T & A to time entry

<Merge T & A to Time Entry> Run Process <OK>



  1. Check the Data

<Payroll> <Data Entry> <Entry via Single Screen>




The pay run is then processed based on this data using the one step process payrun.


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