MYOB Activity Slips - importing into MYOB

Importing an activity slip file into MYOB

In order to process the invoicing in MYOB, you need to import the activity slips using the billing activity report

1. Open easyemployer

2. Click report -> billing activity report

3. Select the required values (e.g. time period, custom entity data like Client, groups)

4. Export the activity slip data

5. Open MYOB

6. Click File -> Import and Export assistant

7. Choose Import data and click Next

8. Click the Import drop down and select Activity Slips and select the file


9. Click Next


10. On the Format dialog, choose the following:

  • Data is separated by: Commas
  • The first line of the file contains: Headers or labels
  • Match cards using their: Emp Card ID
11. Click Next

12. Click Match all and all required fields will be matched 


13. Click Next

14. Backup your data if required

15. Click Import

16. The activity slip daat will be imported into MYOB

16. Upon completion, you will get a Conclusion dialogue which will inform you if any records were skipped or imported with warnings.  

  • If there were records that were skipped or had warnings, please Click here to view the log file 
  • You may restore your back up by following the ‘MYOB Restoration Instructions’, fixing up the problems and re-importing the Payroll Report to try the import again.
  • Please contact easyemployer support on 1300 855 642 if you need assistance.
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