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1) Overview
2) Rule system hierarchy
3) Rule setting at different levels



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1) Overview

Rules are the set of regulations that govern Easy Employer's procedures, based on the Organisation's obligations and needs. Rules in Easy Employer can be set at multiple levels. Each level applies rules against users depending on its hierarchy and situation.

It is important to be aware of the different locations where rules can be set, as not all rules are available in all locations.


2) Rule system hierarchy

Rules are applied in the system based on the following hierarchy where the lower-level rules override the higher-level rules.

  • Organisation
  • Group
  • Role
  • Role group
  • Award
  • Employment type
  • Pay group
  • Pay group roles
  • Interpretation period
  • User

Organisation rules are at the highest level of the hierarchy, and apply to all users across the organisation. The set of rules that can be set at each level may vary, for instance, fewer rules can be applied to the role level than the other levels, and as you go through the hierarchy, rules changed at lower levels override preceding levels.

Users are the lower level of the hierarchy system, all rules can be applied at user level, and as these rules are applied to an individual, they override all rules at any other level.

The ability to set rules against different levels provides a higher level of customisation and flexibility, to cater for a wide variety of circumstances, roles and/or users needs (e.g., default start and end times of a shift based on roles, or enabling shift swaps for specific users only).


3) Rule setting at different levels

i) Organisation level


ii) Role level

Role rules override the Organisation level rules, and are set for specific roles within the organisation.


iii) Award level

Award based rules can be set at specific locations. The rules hierarchy needs to be considered when modifying rules in awards, as they may be overridden at another location.

Below is a list of all of the path/locations for award based rules:

  1. Manage awards page
    Organisation > Awards > [Selected award]

  2. Award pay groups within positions
    Organisation > Awards > [Edit award] > [Edit position] > [Selected award pay group]

  3. Roles within award pay groups in a position
    Organisation > Awards > [Edit award] > [Edit position] > [Edit award pay group] > [Edit role]
  4. Base award pay groups
    Organisation > Award > [Edit award] > [Selected award pay group]

  5. Roles within base award pay groups
    Organisation > Awards > [Edit award] > [Edit pay group] > [Edit role]
  6. Employment types
    Organisation > Awards > [Edit award] > [Selected employment type]


v) User level

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