Employee Guide | To Do List

1) What is the to do list & why is this important
2) How the to do list works


1) What is the to do list & why is this important.

The to do list provides a central location for all the tasks you need to complete within easyemployer. An example of this is confirming your roster shifts for the week.

The to do list appears on the homepage for every user of easy employer and provides reminders or prompts for actions that may need to be taken by the user.


2) How the to do list works.

All of these prompts are colour coded and give an indication on the level of urgency required for each of the items listed on the to do list.


The first colour present is light blue. In this example it is asking a user to check and update their details. Another example of what could appear in this colour is a reminder about upcoming public holidays.


The next colour on the to do list is red and as expected this colour indicates that an urgent action needs to be taken as it is overdue. If red is appearing in the to do list it indicates that urgent attention is required.


Orange is the next colour in the to do list and indicates actions that should be taken soon. If actions in this section are ignored they may be elevated to red.


The final colour category is yellow and this again indicates actions that need to be taken however the tasks listed in yellow are still over a week away and are not as urgent as the other colours listed. 


To action any of the reminders listed on the to do list simply click on the writing inside the box. This will cause the action to expand or cause a pop up box to appear. Everything listed in the to do list can be resolved from the home page.



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