Employee Guide | Setting a Pin Code

1) What Is a Pin Code & why is this important
2) How To Set a Pin Code 


1) What Is a Pin Code & why is this important.

A pin code is usually a four digit number that can be used to access an account quickly. A pin cannot be used to login to easyemployer through the online portal, but can be used on the time clock and the easyemployer mobile app.

The time clock can use a pin code to authorise access to a users account. Users also have the option to use their pin code to authorise on the mobile app.


2) How To Set a Pin Code.

1. Log in to your easyemployer online account.


2. Click on 'My Account'.


3. Go to Pin and enter a pin code by clicking 'edit'.


4.The pin code can only contain numbers and must be at least 4 digits.


5. Once the pin code has been entered click 'save'. The user can now use the time clock by entering their pin where permitted/configured.


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