Employee Guide | Notices Via the Time Clock

1) Overview
2) Check notices through the time clock



Employee Guide | Using the Time Clock Software


1) Overview

Notices in Easy Employer (EE) are similar to emails. These are internal system messages that come from a manager or the EE system.

Viewing notices through the time clock will enable users to check important information before or after a shift.


2) Check notices through the time clock

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Before starting the shift an option exists to view notices. This option will still be available after logging in and starting the shift.
    Before a Shift During a Shift
    2016-11-30_16h53_33.png 2016-11-30_16h53_45.png
  3. Clicking/tapping the 'unread notices' button will open a page where notices can be checked.
  4. Click/tap on any notice to open it.
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