Reckon Accounts + Payroll (e.g. Reckon Accounts Premier) - Importing a payroll processing file

This article includes the following topics:

  • Importing a payroll report into Reckon

Importing a Payroll report into Reckon

In order to process the payroll each period, you need to import the easyemployer Payroll Report into your payroll application. Please do the following to import a Payroll Report into Reckon : 

1. Follow the ‘Exporting a Payroll Report’ guide to export the Payroll Report for the desired period. 

2. Open your Reckon file 

3. Click ‘File’ -> 'Utilities' ->  ‘Import’ -> ‘IIF Files’ 


4. Choose the downloaded easyemployer Payroll Export IIF file and click ‘Open. 

5. The Payroll Report will then be imported into Quickbooks. 

6. Upon completion you will get a success message. Click OK and proceed with your payroll processing as per your standard procedure. 



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