Sage WageEasy - importing employees (users) into easyemployer from Sage WageEasy

This article includes the following topics:

  • Exporting employees (users) from Sage WageEasy
  • Importing users into easyemployer

Note: if you do not have access to this query, you can download it here and place in your Wage Easy queries folder.

What is this article about

This article explains how to get employee data out of Wage Easy so that it can be imported into easyemployer. 

Why is this important

Manualy entering employees into easyemployer and a payroll system can be time consuming. Data imports are a feature of easyemployer that has been designed to make this process as simple as possible. 

How to export employees (users) from Sage WageEasy

1. Click HR -> User Defined Queries -> Master -> Master Current Employee Export.


2. Enter the current financial year.

3. Click on the drop down next to save and click CSV.

4. Save the file to your desktop.


Importing users into easyemployer

1. Click Organisation.

2. Select Import/Export.

3. Click Import/Update Users.

4. Select Wage Easy as the source application. Click choose file and upload the Wage Easy CSV from the desktop. Click Next.

5. Check that the data imported fill the correct fields and complete the import.


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