MYOB EXO Payroll - exporting users from MYOB EXO Payroll and importing into easyemployer

This article includes the following topic:

  • Exporting user details out of MYOB EXO Payroll
  • Importing users into easyemployer

Exporting user details out of MYOB EXO Payroll

1. Click Reports

2. Click Print Reports


3. Select Employees in the Employees tab and click Select


4. In the Print Report - Employees dialogue, select

  • Sort order 1: Employee Code
  • Output Options Destination: CSV Output
  • Output Options File Name: Select a location to save the file


5. Click Report Options under Options and in the dialogue, select the options in the following picture and click Save


6. Click Create File

7. In the CSV Report Output screen, Select all fields by click the two arrows pointing right and click Finish


8. The file will be saved to the location you selected. 


Importing users into easyemployer

Once the user file has been obtained from MYOB EXO Paryoll, follow the Importing users via export file guide


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