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  • What is online access
  • Initial online access email
  • How to log Into easyemployer
  • How to reset your password

What is online access

Online access allows users to login to their own easyemployer account to perform various functions. These include; checking a roster, timesheet, updating availability and submitting leave requests. If your manager has enabled online access, an email will be sent with instructions. 

NOTE: If an email has not been received and online access should have been granted, please contact your manager. easyemployer support cannot enable this for you. It needs to be done by someone in your organisation manager. 

Initial online access email

Once online access has been granted by your manager, an email will be sent with login details. Follow the instructions in the email to access your account. If you are attempting to log in for the first time another article may be of more help. Click HERE to access the 'First time accessing easyemployer' article. 

An example of the email is:

How to log into easyemployer:

1. Browse to secure.easyemployer.com

2. Enter your username / email address and your password

3. Click Login


How to reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, resetting your password is very simple! 

1. Browse to secure.easyemployer.com

2. Click Forgot password?

3. Enter your email address and click Send email

4. You will receive an email with details 

5. Follow the instructions to reset your password. 


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