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1) Overview

Quick links are shortcuts to commonly accessed areas of Easy Employer. It provides an easy way to navigate to the current roster, timesheet, availability, or to create a leave request.


NOTE: Depending on the access level in the organisation and configuration, users may have different quick links available to them.


2) Employees' Quick Links


  • View my current roster redirects the employee their current roster view (this may not be visible to staff - contact support to have this enabled).
  • View my current timesheet redirects users to their current timesheet.
  • View my availability redirects users to the availability page.
  • Create leave request redirects users to the page to create a leave request.

3) Owners / Managers' Quick Links


  • Open current roster opens the roster for the manager.
  • Open current timesheet opens the timesheet for the manager.
  • View my current roster lets the manager open their current roster.
  • View my current timesheet lets the manager open their current timesheet.
  • View availability for user shows the manager the availability for a selected user.
  • View my availability shows the manager what availability they have selected.
  • Create leave request allows the manager to create their leave request.
  • View dashboard graphs shows the dashboard graphs page.
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