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i) Action To Do List items
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1) Overview

The To Do List provides a central location for all the tasks that need to be completed within Easy Employer. It is displayed on the home page of every user, and provides reminders or prompts about actions users are required to take.

It is recommended to check and action the items in the To Do List upon logging in.


2) Functionality

The To Do List is organised in sections denoted by different colours: General system reminders (blue), urgent tasks (red), upcoming important tasks (yellow) and other (non-urgent) notices/reminders (grey).



i) Action To Do List items

Items on the To Do List have to be clicked on in order to be reviewed or actioned.

Different kind of items produce different responses when clicked on, these can be:

  • Redirect users to other pages, for instance:
    • Clicking on "Please check and update your details" redirects users to their Profile page, and also gets the item removed from the list.
    • Clicking on "Roster beginning on date has not been created yet" redirects users to the Create roster page. 
  • Expand the item to show different options or actions that can be selected to complete the task:
  • Produce popup windows to complete the task on the spot:

Most items (especially urgent (red) and important (yellow) tasks) only get removed from the To Do List once the system detects the task has been completed, or if the users chooses to hide them.


ii) Hide To Do List items

  1. Click hide located at the right hand side of the to do list item.
  2. Select the period of time the item is to be hidden for.
  3. Click Submit.

The item will show on the To Do List again after the selected period of time has passed.


iii) Show hidden To Do List items

Hidden items in the To Do List are indicated by a link at the right side of the title bar.


To show hidden items:

  1. Click the hidden items link to show a list of all hidden items.
  2. Select to Unhide a specific item from the list, or to Unhide all.
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