MYOB Mac AccountEdge Pro + Network - exporting entitlement balances from MYOB into easyemployer

This article includes the following topics:

  • Exporting entitlement balances from MYOB Mac
  • Importing entitlement balances into easyemployer

NOTE: The entitlement report we use for MYOB Mac is the Balance Summary report

Exporting entitlement balances from MYOB Mac

To export entitlement balances for all employees from MYOB Mac, please do the following:

1. Open your MYOB data file

2. Select Reports -> Index to Reports

3. Click the Payroll tab

4. Click on the Balance Summary report under the Entitlements section and click the Customise button down the bottom of that section


5. The report customisation form will be shown.  Select the following

  • Select your employees - leave as all for all employees or select a custom list if required
  • Dated from, can leave as default as long as it includes the latest pay run. 
  • Select the entitlement to export or leave All if exporting all entitlements
  • Payroll year should be set to current payroll year


6. Click the finishing tab

  • Sort by: Employees
  • Uncheck Include inactive cards
  • Make sure Include company name, Include company address and Include report date and time are checked


7. Click Display and this will display the report


8. Export this in CSV format by clicking Send to and selecting Comma-Seperated Text File.


Importing entitlement balances into easyemployer

Once the entitlement file has been obtained from MYOB, follow the Importing entitlement balances into easyemployer guide


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