MYOB Mac AccountEdge Pro + Network - importing a payroll processing file

This article includes the following topics:

  • Exporting the payroll processing file
  • Importing a payroll report into MYOB
  • MYOB Backup Instructions
  • MYOB Restoration Instructions

Exporting the payroll processing file

To export the payroll processing file out of easyemployer, follow the guide: Exporting a payroll processing file

Importing a Payroll Report into MYOB Mac

In order to process the payroll each period, you need to import the easyemployer payroll data file into your payroll application.

To import a Payroll Report into MYOB:

1. Follow the Exporting a Payroll Report guide to export the Payroll Report for the desired period

2. Open your MYOB file

3. You may take a backup of the current MYOB file in case you encounter problems during the import. To do so, please follow the ‘MYOB Backup Instructions’ at the end of this document.

4. Click File -> Import -> Timesheets


5. On the ‘Import File’ dialog, choose the following:

  • Import File Format: Comma-seperated
  • First Record is: Header Record
  • Identify Employee by: Emp. Card ID
  • Click Continue


6. Choose the downloaded easyemployer payroll data file and click ‘Open’

7. Click ‘Match All’ and ‘Import’


8. The Payroll Report will then be imported into MYOB

9. Upon completion you will get a feedback dialog. Ensure that all records were imported without errors and if so, click ‘OK’ and proceed with your payroll processing as per your standard procedure

  • If there were records that were skipped or had warnings, please consult the log file to get more information. 
  • You may restore your back up by following the ‘MYOB Restoration Instructions’, fixing up the problems and re-importing the Payroll Report to try the import again.
  • Please contact easyemployer support on 1300 855 642 if you need assistance.



MYOB Backup Instructions

To backup your MYOB file please do the following:

1. Open the MYOB file
2. Click ‘File’ -> ‘Back Up’
3. Ensure ‘Back up all data’ is selected
4. Select ‘Do not check Company File for errors’
5. Click ‘Continue’
6. Choose a file location and file name and click ‘Save’
7. Your MYOB file has been backed up to the specified location

MYOB Restoration Instructions

To restore your MYOB file please do the following:

1. Open the MYOB file
2. Click ‘File’ -> ‘Restore’
3. Select the backup file you wish to restore and click ‘Open’
4. Select a file location and file name to restore the backup as and click ‘Save’

  • You cannot restore the MYOB file to the same name as the opened file, so you will have to give it a different name. 
  • You can always rename this later after you remove the existing file.

5. Click ‘OK’ to restore the backup
6. Your MYOB file has been restored to the specified location


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