MYOB Mac AccountEdge Pro + Network - export users from easyemployer into MYOB Mac

This article includes the following topics:

  • Exporting user details out of easyemployer
  • Import user details into MYOB Mac

What is this feature

Employee details can be exported from easyemployer and imported into MYOB.

The following details of an employee are exported:

  • All personal details
  • Contact details
  • Employee card ID
  • TFN
  • Superannuation details

Why is this important

This feature can be used to update details in MYOB if required.

Exporting user details out of easyemployer

1. Click Organisation

2. Select Import/Export

3. Select Export Users

4. Select the correct payroll application and click Export


Import user details into MYOB Mac

1. Open MYOB and your Company file

2. Click File -> Import Data -> Cards -> Employee Cards

3. Select the following:

  • Data is separated by: Commas-separated
  • The first line of the file contains: Headers or Labels
  • If data you are importing already exists in this company file: update the existing data
  • Match cards using their: Emp. Card ID


4. Click Continue

5. Click Match All


6. Click Import

7. The data will be imported and a summary file will be displayed.


If you received any errors, please review the log file to troubleshoot


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