All In One Kiosk - Fingerprint Troubleshooting

This article includes the troubleshooting steps for resolving fingerprint Scanner Issues:

Further Difficulties
If you are experiencing further difficulties or you cannot resolve your fingerprint scanner issue,
please contact the support team on 1300 855 642 (Intl. +61 2 6100 2510) Monday to Friday
09:00 to 17:00 AEST or for further assistance.

We firmly recommend you ensure the fingerprint scanner and user's finger(s) are clean before
beginning troubleshooting.

Step 1: Ensure the fingerprint scanner & time clock are working correctly.

  1.1 Check to see that the fingerprint scanner lense shows a solid red light or solid blue light.

   If this is not the case, please contact our support team for further investigation.

  1.2 Check to see that the fingerprint scanner & the time clock are connected.

If this is not the case, please turn off the kiosk by holding the power button for at least 5
seconds and then turn it on again. If the time clock is consistently showing as “offline” then
you need to check your internet connection, network cables and network settings to ensure
the kiosk has full access to the internet, please contact your IT support team for further
information on this.

If the issue persists, please contact our support team for further investigation.

Step 2: Ensure the fingerprint scanner is not damaged and has been properly maintained.

  2.1 Check to see if the fingerprint scanner is being cleaned & maintained regularly

   If this is not the case:          

  • Apply the sticky side of a piece of adhesive cellophane tape to the window and then peel
    it away.
  • Gently dab the fingerprint reader window with a cloth that has been dampened with a

    mild ammonia-based glass cleaner, such as Windex. (Do not use paper!)

  • Ensure this is done weekly.

  Very important information to keep in mind:

  • Do not pour any liquid directly on the reader window.
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaners.
  • Never submerge the reader in liquid.
  • Never use/rub the window with chemicals and abrasive material, including paper.
  • Do not apply abnormal pressure to the window coating with your fingernail or any other
    item, such as a pen.

  2.2 Check to see if there is any damage to the fingerprint scanner lense.

Inspect the scanner from different angles and ensure that the lense is not cloudy and that
there are no scratches and worn down spots on the lense. 

Does the fingerprint scanner have a scratched or cloudy lense?

If you notice the scanner lense is either scratched or cloudy, please take a clear photo of the
lense and send to support for assessment. Failure to take a clear photo will result in support
not being able to provide an assessment.     

Step 3: Ensure staff are using the correct process to scan fingerprints.

  3.1 Check to see if the scanner is in the required position for accurate fingerprint scanner

    USB Scanner device: Secure the scanner to the edge of the desk for front on, waist height
    access for staff to be able to position themselves for a flat finger scan (for example, you can
    do this using double-sided tape).

    All-In-One Kiosk: Ensure the fingerprint scanner module attached to the all in one device is
    placed at a height and location that allows front on easy access for staff to be able to position
    themselves for a flat finger scan.

  3.2 Check to see if staff are using the correct fingerprint scanning technique

    Most of the unique, repeatable fingerprint information is located in the “pad” of your finger,
    not in the “tip”.

    Please ensure staff are not using the fingerprint reader while they have any foreign material
    on their hands (such as grease and chemicals).

    Dry skin can significantly decrease the effectiveness of a fingerprint scan; therefore staff needs
    to rub the finger they are using for scanning on the forehead so that natural oils are on the

  Finger placement as shown below, with the pad (not tip) of the finger in the middle of the
  scanner and a light amount of pressure applied will result in a fast and accurate fingerprint


Successful scan - scanner colour will change red then immediately go back to blue.
Bad/incorrect scan - Scanner colour will not change or will stay red for 1 to 2 seconds like
the picture below.

Step 4: Re-enrol the fingerprint(s) of affected staff

  While ensuring staff are using the correct process to scan fingerprints (see the previous step),      ask a suitable manager re-enrol the fingerprint through the time clock.

  If this does not assist with fingerprint scanning, try re-enrolling the user with different fingers.
  Often the fingerprints on commonly used fingers can be worn down to the point they are not
  readable by the digital persona fingerprint scanner.

  Note: On the rare occasion we have come across users who cannot scan due to their fingers
  having warn / non readable fingerprints. If this is the case, we suggest using pin number
  authentication for that particular user.


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