Xero | Integration Information

1) The easyemployer to xero integration
2) Integration diagram
3) How the integration works
   i) new users
   ii) updating user details
   iii) updating leave entitlement balances
   iv) inactive cards
   v) new pay items
   vi) leave loading
4) Integration error handling



Xero | Managing Users
Xero | Managing Entitlement Types + Entitlement Balances
Xero | Error Handling + Pay Run Troubleshooting


1) The easyemployer to xero integration.

🡪 Employee base rates detected and updated in xero via the API so you don't have to manually keep each employees rate up to date (as easyemployer has rate table functionality).
🡪 Pay item multipliers or hourly rates are updated as required in xero via the API.
🡪 Pay items are created if they are missing in xero via the API.
🡪 Employee 'Ordinary Hours' or default code standard pay is forced to 0.
🡪 New employee profiles are detected and created in xero via the API.
🡪 When the timesheet entries are imported via the API into xero they are broken down by day and tracking categories if this functionality is being used.
🡪 Pay run gross total is compared to easyemployer and differences are shown for easy checking.


2) Integration diagram. 

NOTE: The integration diagram has different tabs for Overview, User details sync and Payroll export.

NOTE: You can download a PDF of the integration diagram (all pages) by clicking HERE.

Click here to view the integration diagram.


3) How the integration works.

Both easyemployer and Xero act as "master databases" for certain information. The connection is done through the internet via an API connection.


🡪 Is the master database for bank details, super funds and tax file numbers once the user is created and linked via the API.
🡪 Is the master database for entitlement accruals and balances (except for Time in Lieu and Roster Day Off).
🡪 When a new user starts, you can add them into xero and import them into easyemployer. Or add to easyemployer and sync to xero. See recommend process below “New user(s)”.


🡪 Is the master database for user’s pay rates (this is why it is very important the rates in easyemployer are correct).
🡪 When exporting a pay run, if a difference in rates exists the system will flag this and prompt users to update xero via the integration (not manually). This greatly helps the process when there is a yearly increase.
🡪 easyemployer will create new pay items in xero as required (e.g. for a pay item level you have not used before).


i) new users.

It is important to understand that there are two potential workflows for adding new users into easyemployer (when integrated with xero). For full details on adding new users see the related articles section "Xero | Managing Users" for further information.


ii) updating user details.

Once an employee has been synced to xero, some of their personal details (located in the details page in easyemployer) are locked from editing. This is because xero is the master database for employee details; bank details, super details, etc. 

The recommended process for updating details is:

1. Update the employee details in xero.
2. Import the employees into easyemployer.

For full instructions on performing a manual user sync, see the related articles section "Xero | Managing Users" for further information.


iii) updating leave entitlement balances.

Xero is the master database for all leave entitlement balances. These balances should be updated in easyemployer regularly and it is recommended to do this after each pay run.

For full instructions on performing a manual entitlement balance sync, see the related articles section "Xero | Managing Entitlement Types + Entitlement Balances" for further information.


iv) inactive cards.

Employee cards in xero should not be made inactive or terminated until the employee no longer exists within a pay period in easyemployer.


v) new pay items.

When new pay items are created in xero, easyemployer will notify you of this through the payroll report when exporting.

If these pay items need configuration (e.g. super, PAYG or entitlement accrual set/not set) these need to be checked and updated as required in xero.


vi) leave loading

easyemployer does not export leave loading to Xero. If leave loading is required it must be configured in Xero. Instructions have been provided by Xero on how to configure leave loading


4) Integration error handling.

If errors are received during the pay run or sync process, the xero error handling guide should be consulted before escalating to support. See the related articles section "Xero | Error Handling + Pay Run Troubleshooting" for further information.


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