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1) Integration

  • CloudPayroll is the master data set for employee details. Employees are referred to as users in EE (Easy Employer).
  • Users can be created in EE but they will need to be linked to an existing profile in CloudPayroll before their first pay run. Once a user is linked, EE will update user details based on the information provided by CloudPayroll. This is a manual process that will only occur by clicking on Organisation on the navigation bar, clicking Import / Export, and then using Import / update users.
  • When processing a pay run EE will send user interpreted timesheets to CloudPayroll via an API. During this process EE will complete certain checks to ensure the data is correct.
  • CloudPayroll is also the master data set for entitlement balances. These can be checked and pulled into EE by clicking Organisation on the navigation bar, selecting Import / Export, and then using Import / update entitlement balances.


There is no separate payslip email field in CloudPayroll. The email set in CloudPayroll needs to be the communication email that the user will receive communications from in EE. Employees access payslips through the CloudPayroll Kiosk. Once an employee has been granted kiosk access to CloudPayroll they can adjust the email to receive notifications of their pay to a different email address. Changes made by employees to their email will not affect the integration between EE and CloudPayroll.


2) Integration diagram

The data relationship for the EE and CloudPayroll integration is outlined in the image below.

Click here to view the integration diagram ee_cpr_int_dgrm.png


3) CloudPayroll integration - Webinar

Click here to view the integration webinar
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