CloudPayroll | Managing Entitlement (Leave) Balances

1) Entitlement balances
2) Data ownership and recommended data match frequency

i) Data ownership - entitlement balances
ii) Recommended data match frequency

3) Import/Update entitlement balances
4) Zeroing out entitlement balances for inactive/terminated users



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1) Entitlement balances

It is important to understand and manage balances between EE (Easy Employer) and CloudPayroll appropriately. This is because a user (may) see their entitlement balances on their payslip, but uses EE (which may also be configured to display entitlement balances) for leave applications. Having an accurate balance reflected in EE assists managers approving leave requests to make effective decisions.


2) Data ownership and recommended data match frequency

i) Data ownership - entitlement balances

CloudPayroll is considered the 'master' of the entitlement balances. This is because entitlement balances can sometimes be altered outside of a standard pay run (e.g. termination pay out, cash-out of leave, etc). These are pulled into EE using the functionality provided under: Organisation > Data synchronisation > Import / Export > Import / update entitlement balances.

ii) Recommended data match frequency

It is recommended (at a minimum) to perform a manual entitlement balance sync from CloudPayroll (to) EE immediately after payslips for a pay period are generated / communicated. This ensures that the most recently generated entitlement balance(s) are also reflected in EE, which is where end users are entering their leave request(s) into.


3) Import/Update entitlement balances

Entitlement balances should be updated regularly.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Import / Export.
  3. Select Import / update entitlement balances.
  4. Follow the prompts and check the data that will be imported.



  • Balances calculated in the most recent pay run in CloudPayroll will not be available for import into EE until that pay run has been closed in CloudPayroll. If the pay run is not closed, the balances from the most recent closed pay run will be imported.
  • Only users that have been mapped to CloudPayroll via the import/update users process will be displayed on the review screen and have their leave entitlement balances imported.
  • Users that have "include user in payroll export" set to No, will not have their balances imported.
  • Users that are not assigned to roles will not have their entitlement balances imported.


4) Zeroing out entitlement balances for inactive / terminated users

Once a user has been deactivated / terminated in CloudPayroll, they will no longer have their entitlement balances imported into EE. This means that the entitlement balances for deactivated / terminated users will remain in a user's profile in EE. There are two ways to zero a user's leave balance in EE. The first method is recommended if a number of users need their leave balance zeroed. The second method is a manual process that needs to be completed for every entitlement on a user's profile.

Method one

Flat file

As an overview, there are 3 stages to this process.

  1. Obtain the EE standard format flat file.
  2. Populate the EE standard format flat file in Excel.
  3. Import the EE standard format flat file into EE.

Step one: Obtain the EE standard format flat file.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Import/Export.
  3. Click Import/Update entitlement balances.
  4. Change source application to EE standard format.
  5. Click on Click here for an example file to download the example file.

Step two: Populate the EE standard format flat file.

  1. Open the EE standard format flat file.
  2. Add the user's name to the given_name field.
  3. Add the entitlement name into the entitlement_name field.
  4. Add the balance of the user.
  5. Repeat for each entitlement balance and user.


Step three: Import the EE's standard format file into EE.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Import / Export.
  3. Click Import / update entitlement balances.
  4. Change the source application to EE standard format.
  5. Select the file that has been populated with data in accordance with step two.
  6. Click Import.
Method two

Manual process

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Locate and select the user.
  4. Select the Leave tab on the sidebar.
  5. Edit the first leave entitlement and adjust the value.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat for other entitlements as required.

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