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1) Exporting data for a pay run
2) Re-exporting payroll
3) Run export checks



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1) Exporting data for a pay run

Timesheets are exported from Easy Employer to CloudPayroll. This can be completed through the payroll report or the new payroll processing page. The standard process for finalising a payroll period should be completed prior to the steps listed below. The process for completing an export is the same in either the payroll report or the new payroll processing page. The steps are:

  1. Click Begin export.
  2. Check and map employees - The first stage of this process is to check that all employees included in the pay run are mapped to CloudPayroll. If any employees are not mapped, they will appear on a list. At this point a prompt and a link will appear to map the users. Once completed, click the 'retry' button to continue.
  3. Check and update base rates between Easy Employer and CloudPayroll - This step provides a notification of users that have a base rate configuration mismatch between Easy Employer and CloudPayroll. Clicking Accept and Continue will update the rate in CloudPayroll to match the rate in Easy Employer.
  4. Check all active payroll categories are defined in CloudPayroll - This step checks that all payroll categories that would be used in the export have been defined in CloudPayroll as pay elements. It also checks that pay elements have been set to a 1x multiplier. If any incorrectly configured elements are found, a list will be displayed. Each incorrectly configured element will need to be resolved before continuing.
  5. Check that all the cost centre codes are defined in CloudPayroll - This step checks that all cost centre codes that will be included in the export have been defined in CloudPayroll. Any missing codes displayed here need to be added to CloudPayroll before continuing.
  6. Export employee timesheets - This is the final step of the process. This step sends the interpreted timesheet export from Easy Employer to CloudPayroll. Included in this export is the totals for each payroll category and the rate for each employee.


2) Re-exporting payroll

If a pay run needs to re-exported, the payroll in CloudPayroll needs to be re-opened. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open CloudPayroll and log in.
  2. Open the required organisation/company (only required if group login is used).
  3. Click Payroll > Open.
  4. Click "Change dates".
  5. Ensure dates are correct and then click "Open a new Payroll".

Once the payroll has been opened, the Easy Employer payroll report can be exported again.


3) Run export checks

Run export checks can be used to complete the same checks that occur during a payroll export, but this feature can be used before a payroll period has ended. This means any integration updates or issues can be resolved before a payroll period has ended.

  1. To use this feature, open the payroll report and click on the Run export checks button.
  2. A popup box will appear. Click Begin to start the process.
  3. The checks that need to be completed are the same as those that occur when a pay run is processed. Each step should be completed in the same way as they would when processing a pay run.

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