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1) Overview
2) Access the Dashboard
3) Functionality



Time Clock | Summary


1) Overview

The manager dashboard provides real-time information on what's happening on site, with details on which staff are currently working, who is on break, who is ending their shift soon, and so on. This information is gathered through the use of the time clock.

The manager dashboard is controlled by a separate module, which may need to be enabled within your account. Please contact to get this module enabled.


2) Access the Dashboard

  1. Click Scheduling.
  2. Under Rosters, click Dashboard.
  3. The Dashboard page is displayed.


3) Functionality

  1. The dashboard is split into 5 sections;
    • Late
    • On break
    • Clocked on
    • Starting soon
    • Ending soon
  2. The Late section will shows details such as the name, role, and start time of any staff who are late for their shift.
  3. The On break section shows details on who is on break, when they started and ended their break, and how much time they have remaining on their break.
  4. The Clocked on section of the dashboard provides details on how many users are currently clocked on for their shift(s), this includes users who are on break.
  5. The Starting soon section of the dashboard provides details on who is rostered to start work within the next 4 hours, what time they are rostered to start, and how long until they should be starting work.
  6. The Ending soon section of the dashboard provides details on staff who are rostered to finish their shift within the next 4 hours. It provides details on the employee's name, rostered end time, and the time remaining until they finish their shift.
  7. The dashboard will automatically update with information every 60 seconds to ensure the data is correct. This means that you will not need to refresh the page manually.
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